Summertime is my favorite season for date nights, by far. Although the humidity can sometimes be unbearable here in Ohio, it is hands-down still the best time for outdoor activities and dates.

This summer is the last one that Josh and I will be living in separate states, and I am sooo excited! Last night when we were facetiming, we came up with a list of what we want to do next summer when we are finally together, so I thought I would share it as a blog post as well!

Here are 10 date night ideas for this summer!

1. Plan a trip to an amusement Park

I don’t know about you guys, but I love roller coasters. Even if you don’t, amusement parks are still a great place for a date– you can grab a funnel cake and play laser tag all in the same place! In our case, Josh and I would head to Cedar Point. For the Ohioans down south, King’s Island would like be their choice! If you aren’t sure where the nearest amusement park is to you, here is a website where you can search by State! (Note: this list is not just limited to amusement parks.)

2. Travel to a national park!

I never realized how many national parks there are in the United States. A day date to a national park is perfect for a breezy summer day. You don’t have to be “outdoorsy” to enjoy all that national parks have to offer. In Ohio, we have Cuyahoga Valley National Park, where I spent my summers growing up riding bikes and exploring all that Ohio’s nature has to offer. Click here for a link to all of the national parks across the country to find one close to you!

3. Go to a drive in!

Although this sounds old fashioned, there are still plenty of them up and running. Drive-ins are so much fun, for both families and date nights! You can choose from a wide variety of flicks from comedy, to horror, to romance and anything in between. Josh and I are big movie lovers, so this is on the top of our list next summer for sure. Click here for a cool website that makes finding them in your state easier!

4. Plan a beach day!

Even if you don’t live by an ocean or lake, there are still plenty of places surrounded by water to make do. I love spending time by the water in the summer for obvious reasons, and I think it is perfect for a date night, espeically when you are just getting to know someone. Take your special someone to the lake with a bottle of wine (or case of White Claw or beer), and get to know more about them. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

5. Mini Golf!

For those of you with a competitive edge, this is the perfect evening date night during the warmer months. Josh and I are very competitive, and we both love to win. Mini golf is something we are planning to do when I go visit him in El Paso next month! Some other similar suggestions are going to an old-fashioned arcade, go-karting, or laser tag. Date nights with a competitive edge are some of the best!

6. Bonfire

Even if you do not have a fire pit at your house or your partner’s house, there is probably a park near you that allows you to cook out or have a bonfire! Grab the marshmallows, graham crackers, & chocolate and run, don’t walk, to the nearest fire pit! If you’re on a first date (or a second or third or fortieth), play a game that helps you guys get to know each other while roasting those marshmallows!

7. Fancy date

This is something that is very broad, and you can tailor the idea to something that works for you and your partner. For Josh and myself, a fancy date will 100% consist of a nice restaurant . We love to eat and are always looking for new places to try out! Maybe a fancy date is a night at the Opera or the theater for you and your partner. Anything goes– but make sure you both dress up (and take a picture to document the night)!

8. Day trip to a nearby city you’ve never visited.

Vacations do not have to be limited to exotic islands or extravagant cities. Take your partner on a date to a city nearby that you have never explored! Make a day of out it. Wake up early, grab some coffee, and spend the day going to different shops, trying different restaurants, and learning about a culture that is right in your backyard!

9. Take a day to explore your own city!

Josh and I are both originally from Cleveland (and we plan to stay here), but there is still so much of our hometown that we have yet to explore. From Chagrin Falls to the beaches of Bratenahl, Cleveland has more than enough to offer for a date filled with exploring. I know that your city or town does too!

10. Look up a local county or state fair.

El Paso had a Spring Fair last time I visited and it was SO FUN! There was a pig race, old-fashioned games, good food, and so much people watching. It was a perfect way to start the summer. Take your partner on a date to the fair, and win them a big old prize… just like Josh did for me! Don’t know where the nearest fair is? Click here to find a county fair in your state.