Hey, everyone! Happy Wednesday! How was your weekend? I am FINALLY done with school for the semester, and it feels so good. This past weekend, my parents, Josh, and I went to get our Christmas tree out in Hudson! This is one of my favorite Christmas traditions because it signals the end of the semester, and the beginning of my favorite holiday season.

There are so many fun places to get your Christmas tree in the Northeast Ohio Area! We went to Shawnee Trail Tree Farm in Peninsula, Ohio (which is right near Hudson). But, there are plenty of places closer to downtown Cleveland that are fun, too.

Here is a quick list of my three favorite places to go Christmas Tree Shopping in Cleveland:

Sugar Pines Farm 

This is located in Chesterland, Ohio on the east side of Cleveland.  You can cut down your own tree or choose from a number of  pre-cut trees. My boyfriend and his family go here every year and they always have the prettiest Christmas trees (which are usually over ten feet!). 

Patterson’s Fruit Farm 

Although mostly known for their delicious selection of apples and their hayrides during the fall season, Patterson’s also has as great selection of precut Christmas trees to choose from! I love going here because it’s never busy, and you can grab a bite to eat in Downtown Willoughby afterwards.

And, of course, Shawnee Trail Tree Farm 

This is by far my favorite place to grab a Christmas tree. It’s about 45 minutes from my house, but it’s well worth the drive. I love the “Christmas Village” feel of this tree farm. There is complimentary hot chocolate, lots of Christmas decorations, and a huge selection of trees that you can cut down or select pre-cut.

These are just a few of my favorite spots, but I would love to hear about all of your favorite places in the Cleveland area!

Thanks for reading, guys. As always, leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions for my page! And, don’t forget to read this post from last week! 

Here are some photos from this weekend! 🙂

Our favorite regular at Shawnee Trail Tree Farm– the chicken wizard 😉 

I love the wreaths and other Christmas decorations they sell here! 

And a cute little panoramic of their pond!