Anniversary and birthday gifts…

Single handedly, one of the hardest tasks as a girlfriend is finding a gift for your significant other.  When trying to figure out what to buy my boyfriend, I basically always come to a dead end. Josh DOES NOT like surprises, so for birthdays and our anniversary he picks out what gifts he wants, and I buy them (insert shrug emoji).

Anyway, Josh will be home permanently right around our 18 month anniversary, so I decided that I want to get him a gift to commemorate that milestone. 18 months doesn’t seem like all that much, but we’ve spent this entire time in completely different countries, then completely different states. This November, he will be home for good in Cleveland, and we won’t be long distance anymore (that is, we’ll be in the same state..not the same city, but we’re working on that)! 

Back to the anniversary gifts…

I’m excited to announce that I am collaborating with Urban Designer Co in this post! His products are the BEST– engraved, wooden watches that are eco-friendly because they are only made with reclaimed wood. I’ve wanted to get Josh a watch for some time now, and I think his homecoming might be the perfect chance!

Here are a few pictures of the watches…

watches with blurry background
wooden watch engraved
three different watches

I love that they are not only eco-friendly, but extremely versatile and can be worn with a number of different styles. If you haven’t checked them out yet, click here!

While you’re here, keep scrolling. I have some more ideas for anniversary and birthday gifts for him!

5 Anniversary and Birthday Ideas for him! 

1. Engraved Watch from Urban Designer Co. 

As I said earlier in this post, I think these watches are extra cool because they are environmentally friendly and extremely versatile. They have numerous different designs that fit everyone’s needs, and they are super affordable. Click here to find out more about the watches and pick one out for your guy! 

2. Tickets to an event 

Whether it’s a concert or football game, Josh and I love a night out on the town!  I love to surprise him with tickets to events. It’s like a gift for both of you. Can anyone say date night?

If you aren’t a sports fan, there are plenty of other options! Concerts are also another fun date night. Josh and I are currently obsessed with Chris Stapleton, so I am on the prowl for a show near us. This past May, we were front row at Eli Young Band, and it was so much fun!

I recommend going to Seat Geek to find events in your area! They have sports events, comedy shows, concerts, and a bunch of information about cool things going on in your area!

3. Tickets to the movies

Sounds a little old school, I know, but who doesn’t love a trip to the movie theater? My parents always get each other gift cards to the movies for their birthdays and anniversaries, and I used to think it was lame. Now I understand what a treat it is! Movies are expensive, but when you have a gift card specifically for that, it feels free!

To make it even more fun, I recommend making it a themed gift. Include candy and old-fashioned popcorn containers to make a little gift basket.

4. Subscription box 

I know that when people hear “subscription box” they usually think its for women– makeup, home goods, etc. But, there are plenty of good subscription boxes out there for men. Getting something in the mail each month (or quarterly) is such a fun surprise.

Josh will be growing out his beard once he is out of the army, so I am considering getting him a subscription to the Dollar Beard Club.

And for those men out there who like a clean shaven face, I recommend the Dollar Shave Club!

Those are two of the limitless options out there for men’s subscription boxes. They are a perfectly affordable gift– one that keeps on giving!

Here’s a website with lots of subscription boxes to choose from!

5. Something sentimental.

One of my favorite gifts to Josh was part of his Christmas present last year. I bought a big photo album and filled it with pictures from the past year. I made sure to leave plenty of space, so we could continue filling it up. Now, about three to four times a year, we print all of the pictures we have together and put them in the album. It’s a tradition we want to continue on for as long as possible!

You don’t have to get your boyfriend/partner/significant other just a photo album. You can make a scrapbook, or fill a basket with some things that remind you of your first date together.

Those are just a few ideas for anniversary gifts! The options are endless, but these five are my favorite. 🙂 Comment below with your favorite date ideas! Thanks for reading!

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xx, ali