Happy Monday, everyone! It’s already June and the start of a new season (hello, summertime!!!). I hope you have all been doing well! My apologies for being absent on here for a while– it’s been a crazy month of transitions. I wanted to hop on here and give you guys an update on what’s been going on, as well as touch on where I hope to take A Little Ohio Blog for the rest of the year!

First things first, here’s a life update…

I graduated from Ohio State!

You can read about it in my last post, here. Graduation was one of the best weekends I’ve ever had. I loved celebrating my four years at OSU with my best friends and our families! There are lots of pictures of my time on both of my Instagrams (alittleohioblog’s and my personal!). Check them out if you want to see more about my weekend.

A move back up north

As many of you know, I made the 2-hour trip up north from Columbus to move back in with my parents. It’s been an adjustment for sure, but I love summers on the lake so I am happy to be home. I’m planning on doing a blog post soon about my favorite summer activities in Cle!

An amazing trip to California

The week after graduation, my parents and I hopped on a flight to the West Coast. Our adventure started in San Francisco (my dad’s first time there!) and ended with a girls’ trip to Pacific Beach, San Diego.

There is so much to do and see in California, I could write about it for days, but I’ll stick with a few of my must-sees for first-time visitors:

  • If you’re going to San Fran for the first time, definitely check out Golden Gate Bridge (duh), Haight–Ashbury (soooo much good shopping!) and take a ferry to Sausalito!
  • If you are headed to San Diego, I would recommend visiting the Gaslamp district, hanging on Pacific beach (& watching all of the amazing surfers do their thing), and grabbing some yummy Mexican food at literally any Mexican restaurant you’re near!

Graduate school!

Two days after I got back from California I started up graduate school at Cleveland State. I am getting my master’s degree in education, and I will be done with the program next summer. I’m super excited to be pursuing my passion of becoming a high school history teacher.

Last but not least…Nashville!

Three of my roommates and I took the best weekend trip to Nashville to celebrate Mikayla’s 21st birthday. It was the best 48 hours (I wish it could have been longer!) and I want to go back already. We had lots of yummy food, rode a mechanical bull, danced all night on Broadway and enjoyed post-grad life. I would seriously move to Nashville in a heartbeat. It is probably my favorite city in the U.S. (Sorry, Cleveland!)

Wow! I can’t believe how much has changed in just a month. Thank you guys for being so patient while I was so busy. In terms of this blog, I am hoping to make it a bit more personal, while still giving you guys some fun tips about Ohio. Some of my favorite bloggers are the ones who just share their day to day lives, so I am going to focus on that a bit. We’ll see how it goes.

Enough about me! How are you guys doing? What are your summer plans? I would love to hear all about them in the comments below. Have a great Monday, everyone! I hope to hear from you soon.



P.S. Below are some pictures from the past month. Enjoy!

Picture at san fran bay near the water
San Francisco Bay
Dad on the corner of Haight-Ashbury
Golden Gate Bridge!
View from our hotel in San Diego!
Pacific Beach, California
The view was absolutely breathtaking
The newest member of our family, Roverette (RoRo)! She basically appeared on our doorstep right after we got home from California.
Ro loves her Josh
Nashville was an absolute blast!
Love my roomies so much
And the birthday girl!!