Lately, I’ve been feeling extra inspired by one of my favorite bloggers, Taza (aka Naomi Davis of Love Taza). She is always so positive on her blog, mixing personal posts with informative ones while simultaneously expressing her love for motherhood and raising her little ones in New York City. She is also one of the first people to inspire me to finally start blogging (thank you to my roommate, Sarah, for introducing me to her). Taza’s love for motherhood, blogging, and NYC have inspired me to start mixing in some more personal facets of my life into my little internet home.

As many of you know, my hometown is Cleveland, Ohio. Unlike NYC, Cleveland is much smaller. There is not as much hustle and bustle and certainly not as many delicious bagel places, but the charming neighborhoods, unpredictable weather, and Midwestern friendliness make it similar to the Big Apple. I love wandering the streets of Little Italy during the warm summer months or taking an afternoon trip to Ohio City to have a beer at one of their numerous breweries (stay tuned for more posts like this one about Cleveland in the coming months)!

In today’s post, I’m taking a moment to appreciate that my parents live across the street from the lake. I grew up riding my bike to the pool, spending nights at the beach by a bonfire, and enjoying all that Cleveland has to offer. Although Lake Erie gets a bad rap (and so does Cleveland– we used to be called the mistake by the lake), it really is a beautiful body of water and there has been serious progress in cleaning it up as of late. I’m excited to move home in about a month and enjoy being by the water again.

Below are some pictures from this weekend when I was home in Cleveland for graduate school orientation. I love hanging by the lake and soaking up this spring weather. It makes me happy and so excited for the summer!

Lake Erie, Cleveland

trying to swing from a tree
Attempting to swing from a tree…
swinging from a large willow tree
…I need to work on my upper body strength!
the lake with a few benches
Lake Erie looking beautiful in the early evening.
by the tree at the playground
Lovin this look! My skirt is from abercrombie.
at the jungle gym
Being goofy with Josh (who’s behind the camera)
swing set with girl in a skirt on it
do not be fooled. it was extremely hard to balance on this swing!

That’s all for now. It’s a short post this week because of how busy I am with finals. I promise to write more soon. Happy Monday, everyone!

Xoxo, ali