Hey all! Happy Monday! How was your holiday weekend? I had a blast with my family in Chautauqua Lake, New York celebrating the Fourth of July, but I am excited to be home and back into a routine. This week on the blog I decided to share a favorite neighborhood of mine in Cleveland–Ohio City. I have mentioned a few different neighborhoods in Cleveland quite a bit on the blog, but this one is by far one of my favorites.

There is so much to do in Ohio City, from the amazing restaurants and bars to the West Side Market, you’ll find something for everyone. I recommend spending an afternoon wandering around the neighborhood and taking the time to explore all of the shops and art galleries.

Things to do in Ohio City

The West Side Market

This is by far one of Cleveland’s best-hidden treasures. They have local vendors for just about everything– baked goods, fresh produce, meat from local farms and much more. I love to spend Sunday mornings with my family getting brunch in Ohio City then going to the West Side Market for some local groceries! The atmosphere there is also unbeatable. The scents are amazing and there are tons of different languages being spoken at one time.


This is one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland, and it has a menu that suits everyone’s needs– literally! They have gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and dairy-free options, so no one has to scourge the menu to find what meets their dietary needs.

Visit the Cleveland sign

This is a little ways away from Ohio City, but it’s a close drive! I love taking pictures by the Cleveland sign. They are scattered across the city and are relatively new. I love them because they showcase that Cleveland pride that everyone from Northeast Ohio has!

Grab a bite at Cleveland Bagel Company

Although NYC has always been said to have the best bagel, CBC is giving them a run for their money. This shop has become a local favorite around the city. I love to support small businesses, especially when their specialty is one of my favorite foods–bagels!

Enjoy the Neighborhood

One of my favorite parts of Ohio City is how walkable it is. You can easily spend an entire afternoon wandering through its neighborhoods. Grab a coffee, some ice cream at Mitchell’s, or a beer at one of the local breweries, and explore the area!

That’s all for this week! I hope you guys enjoyed this quick post. I am going to try to be as active on the blog as possible, but grad school is really busy so bear with me. 🙂 Oh, and click here for my latest post with five fun activities in Cleveland!



P.S. here are a few pictures from a recent trip to Ohio City with my best friend, Mel!

Ohio city art
Outside of the West Side Market
Ohio city ice cream- Mitchell's
The BEST homemade ice cream.
Ohio City ice cream cone
Ice cream cone- Ohio City
friends in Ohio City
Hanging with mel!
near the brewery
Cleveland, Ohio
Love ya forever, Cle.