Happy Monday, readers! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Mine was pretty laid back. My boyfriend, Josh, came to visit, so we chilled with my roommates, went to the gym, and cooked dinner together. I talked about this on my Instagram, but I just can’t get over how happy I am to have him back in Ohio for good. It’s so nice not being long distance anymore.

Anyway…have you read any good books lately? If you know me or have been following my blog for a while, you are more than aware that reading is one of my favorite pastimes, especially if it’s fiction (or historical fiction). I published a post this summer with 15 of my favorite books to read by the beach—click here to have a look!

One of my favorite winter activities is cozying up in bed and reading!

A Spark of Light

I recently finished A Spark of Lightby Jodi Picoult, and it was hands down one of the best books I have encountered in a long time.

A Spark of Light deals with a highly controversial topic– the legality and ethics of abortion. One of the best aspects of Jodi Picoult’s books is that she most always tackles her novels through more than one narrator’s voice. The two main characters in the book are Hugh McElroy, a policeman, and his fifteen-year-old daughter, Wren, and the audience expereinces the story through their perspectives, as well as some of the other characters. Their story begins at “the Center,” the only clinic in Mississippi that provides abortions services. When a shooter takes the workers and patients of the Center hostage, Wren is one of the unfortunate people trapped and her father is called to the scene.

The book goes on to explain the backstories of multiple patients, a doctor, and a few pro-life advocates and protestors. Jodi Picoult always does an incredible job researching her novel’s themes. She is not one-sided about controversial topics, and the book’s afterword highlights just that.

A quote from A Spark of Light

One of my favorite quotes from the book: “You don’t look at another person’s plate to see if they have more than you. You look to see if they have enough.” I love that she always includes compelling lessons in her novels, that intertwine with the novel’s overarching theme.

Picoult writes authentically, honestly, and poetically. Although her book is technically fiction, she bases many of her characters and events on true stories, making the story incredibly relatable and believeable.

I highly recommend picking up A Spark of Light if you are looking for something new to read. She tackles a polarizing, highly controversial subject from the point of view of multiple different actors, creating a book that not only enlightens the reader on the subject but helps the audience understand the opposing side’s point of view.

I’ve included a quick list of some of my other favorite books by Jodi Picoult. Each novel dives deep into controversial issues and unique, oftentimes uncharted territory. Sometimes she tackles understanding a different culture (such as the Amish in Plain Truth), a medical disorder (Autism in House Rules), or a tragedy (a school shooting in Nineteen Minutes).  Picoult writes with fierce honesty, and I highly recommend you try one of her novels out!

5 Books to Read if you loved A Spark of Light

  1. Small Great Things
  2. Nineteen Minutes
  3. The Pact
  4. Plain Truth
  5. House Rules

Thanks for reading, everyone! As always, leave a comment below with any questions or suggestions for content!

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